Conditional coupon certificate 10%, autocallable, giving 0,70%  each three months, for 5 years.



- 10% conditioned coupon at 13 August 2018

- 0,70% conditional coupon each three months

- partially protected capital

- expiry date 22 May 2023

New express 10% certificate IT0006742024  

Coupon certificate DE000CB940X5 

The Certificate has been designed to give investors a periodic coupon each 3 months, for three years.

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Express Autocallable 18% CH0377503369


This Certificate is designed to give to the investors a 18% coupon before the end of the year 2017, allowing previous minus' recovery for investors. 

The first auto-call date will be 7th March 2018 and after every quarter, until September 2022.

The three stocks are selected according to a Quantitative methodology.

Delta One: Stars of Star CH0372885449


This Certificate is still quoted on the EuroTLX market, was issued by Leonteq and is composed by 10 selected equity stocks from the Italian STAR segment.

Target will always be 20% of returns, within three years.

Stocks are selected according a Quantitative methodology.

Tracker Certificate on ROBOTICS basket
The Delta One Certificate was launched on 22nd December 2016, issued by Leonteq Securities and listed on EuroTLX market.

The Goal of 20% of return was reached in less than six month in May 2017

Italian Certificates Awards 2017

"Best Certificate - No capital protection category"

Benchmark on a basket of worst stocks by Leonteq

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HUBBLE Advisors is distributor for DIAMAN Sicav in UK and Europe (in countries where Sicav are approved). Diaman Sicav is an independent Sicav based in Luxembourg using exclusively quantitative methodologies for managing the asset of the investors.